Southwest Iowa Planning Council
Southwest Iowa Planning Council

RPA 13 Plans

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP): The TIP programs local, state, and federal funding for various highway improvement projects. This programming is the first step necessary for a highway improvement project to proceed towards receiving funding for construction of roads and bridges.

TIP FY2020 Final.pdf
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FY2019 TIP
TIP FY2019.pdf
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FY 2018 TIP
RPA 13 FY18 Final TIP.pdf
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Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP): The PTP coordinates area transit services and health and human service agencies to develop projects necessary to meet the transit needs of clients and residents. The PTP also covers the RPA 18 area including Harrison, Mills, Pottawattamie, and Shelby Counties.

FY 2018- 2023
PTP FY2018-2023 FINAL.pdf
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Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP): The LRTP looks at each mode of transportation including highway, rail, aviation, trail, and transit. The LRTP develops short and long term goals for the region to develop multi-modal transportation projects over a 20-year period. The LRTP is updated every five years.

2020 LRTP
LRTP FY20-25 FINAL.pdf
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Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP): The TPWP outlines how regional transportation planning funds will be utilized through the fiscal year.

FY 2020 TPWP
TPWP FY20 Final.pdf
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Public Participation Process (PPP):

FY 2020 PPP
PPP_FY_2020 FINAL.pdf
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