Southwest Iowa Planning Council
Southwest Iowa Planning Council

Updated 4/3/2020 2:30 pm


Notices related to the current public health emergency:


Effective Monday, April 6:  The SWIPCO and SWITA offices will be closed to the public.  SWITA public transit services are still running and anyone wishing to schedule a ride should contact the office at 712-243-2518.  The planning and housing staff are continuing to work but are doing so remotely.  If you are trying to reach staff, you are encouraged to email or call them.  Full contact information is available under the “Contact Us” tab on our website,





  • We are continuing to provide trips, including medical trips, throughout the region if scheduled through our office 24 hours in advance and subject to driver availability.  These can be scheduled by calling our office at 712-243-2518 or 800-842-8065.  Medical trips scheduled via Medicaid/MCOs are also continuing to run. 
  • We have suspended SWITA taxi service, which normally operates in Missouri Valley, Harlan, Atlantic, Red Oak, Shenandoah, and Glenwood, because of the close proximity between riders and our drivers.  However, we have instituted a temporary service that if scheduled 24 hours in advance and subject to driver availability, we will provide medical trips in those communities at the taxi rate and will honor taxi tickets as payment.   Faith in Action and Clarinda Area Volunteers continue to run.
  • We continue to operate the Council Bluffs STS paratransit service.  It is anticipated to run as long as the Metro fixed route service is operating.
  • Our workforce commuter transportation routes to Oakland Foods, Menards, 3HO, and Monogram Foods continue until further notice.
  • We continue to provide transportation for the Glenwood Resource Center.




  • We continue to move housing projects forward if both the contractor and homeowner agree.
  • Our homeownership program continues as normal.
  • Mills County and Fremont County flood buyout projects continue.
  • Mills County flood disaster mortgage relief payments continue and new applications will be accepted.
  • Code enforcement inspections continue, but our inspectors are instructed that if any party self describes as sick or declines to participate, those individual inspections will be deferred until a later date with no penalty. 
  • New building code inspections continue.


Welcome to Southwest Iowa Planning Council

Southwest Iowa Planning Council's (SWIPCO) goals are to promote regional cooperation and to serve the counties and cities within our region with community and economic development activities to improve the quality of life for all residents in Southwest Iowa. Some of our services include:

  • Southwest Iowa Transit Agency (SWITA), which operates the public transit system in our eight county region. 
  • Southwest Iowa Housing Trust Fund (SWIHTF), which provides safe, affordable housing and expands housing opportunities in the region. 
  • RPA 13 provides technical assistance and transportation planning in a four county area.
  • Multiple types of planning and technical assistance are available to our cities and counties including writing plans, grant applications, project management, codes and ordinances, etc.
  • SWIPCO is also the designated economic development area for a six county region and provides funding assistance to new and existing businesses through our Business Revolving Loan Fund.

Explore the menus to see what SWIPCO can do for you and your local government.

SWIPCO Office and SWITA Maintenance and Storage Facility

Southwest Iowa Planning Council (SWIPCO) Board of Directors Meetings are open to all individuals regardless of disability. Any person with a disability requiring a reasonable accommodation to participate in a Board of Directors Meeting should contact the SWIPCO office at 712-243-4196 at least two business days prior to the Board of Directors meeting.

SWIPCO is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.


Southwest Iowa Planning Council, 1501 SW 7th St., Atlantic, Iowa, 50022

712-243-4196 or 1-866-279-4720; Fax 712-243-3458;