Southwest Iowa Planning Council
Southwest Iowa Planning Council


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The condition of our housing and building stock throughout Southwest Iowa is the number one concern for many SWIPCO communities. As communities who endeavor to implement innovative, cost-effective programs for sustainable growth, you need a partner.


SWIPCO is here to support our member governments and the people of Southwest Iowa, no matter the size or scope of the program or project. As a member-supported non-profit, we provide a high level of quality at a fair and reasonable cost to our members, and will prioritize work based on a community's needs and resources. Our services are as diverse as the needs of the communities we serve. We will never try to sell a set package of services if they aren't what the community needs.


SWIPCO offers a comprehensive and scalable approach to code compliance. Our goal is simply that: compliance. We know that in order to reach the goal of zero code violations in a community, it takes a thoughtful, yet robust attitude toward code compliance.


Each community is different, each with different needs. To discuss how SWIPCO is here to help address code compliance in your community, contact us for more information by sending an e-mail to or call 712.243.4196.


Thanks to SWIPCO's more than 45 years of experience working with codes of ordinances, as well as building inspection for grant programs, we are your trusted resource for the adoption and enforcement of building and property maintenance codes in our region.