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Southwest Iowa Planning Council


Shopper Trips

Southwest Iowa Transit Agency provides "Shopper Routes" from our smaller communities to larger nearby cities for shopping or medical trips. Riders need to call individually to schedule their ride at least 24 hours in advance, and a minimum of 5 riders need to be signed up for the bus to go that day. The cost is $15 per person round trip.

Cass County Shopper Routes

  • To Atlantic
    • From Cumberland, Anita, & Wiota
    • From Walnut and Marne
    • From Griswold and Lyman
  • To Council Bluffs
    • From Atlantic, Hancock, Walnut, Avoca, Minden, & Underwood
    • From Atlantic, Oakland, Macedonia, Carson, & Treynor

Fremont County Shopper Routes

  • To Shenandoah
    • From Sidney, Percival, Thurman, Bartlett, Tabor, Randolph and Imogene
    • From Sidney, Hamburg, Riverton, and Farragut


Harrison County Shopper Routes

  • To Council Bluffs
    • From Dunlap, Woodbine, Logan, and Missouri Valley
    • From Logan, Magnolia, Mondamin, Modale, and Missouri Valley
  • To Sioux City
    • From Logan, Magnolia, Pisgah, Mondamin, and Little Sioux
  • To Denison
    • From Logan, Woodbine, and Dunlap

Mills County Shopper Routes

  • To Council Bluffs
    • From Emerson, Malvern, Silver City, and Glenwood
  • To Red Oak
    • From Glenwood, Silver City, Malvern, and Emerson
  • To Glenwood
    • From Emerson, Malvern, Silver City and Mineola


Montgomery County Shopper Routes

  • To Red Oak
    • From Elliott and Grant
    • From Villisca and Red Oak

Page County Shopper Routes

  • To Clarinda
    • From Shenandoah, Northboro, Blanchard, Coin, College Springs, Braddyville, Shambaugh, and Yorktown
  • to Council Bluffs
    • From Clarinda, Yorktown, Shambaugh, Braddyville, College Springs, Coin, Blanchard, Northboro, Shenandoah, Essex, Malvern, and Glenwood

Pottawattamie County Shopper Routes

  • To Council Bluffs
    • From Hancock, Walnut, Avoca, Minden, Neola, and Underwood
    • From Oakland, Macedonia, Carson, and Treynor


Shelby County Shopper Routes

  • To Harlan
    • From Shelby, Tennant, and Corley
    • From Kirkman, Irwin, Defiance, Earling, Westphalia, Panama, and Portsmouth
  • to Council Bluffs
    • From Harlan, Shelby, Minden, Neola, and Underwood


SWIPCO is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.


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Individuals with hearing impairments are encouraged to contact SWITA via Relay Iowa by dialing 711 or 1-800-735-2943