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Prepare for CDBG Applications

If your community is thinking of submitting a Community Development Block Grant Application in the fall 2014 cycle, please contact the SWIPCO office to begin the process now. A number of things will need to be completed before applications may be submitted.  You can contact us at 1-866-279-4720.

Potential Funding Sources

Grant Funding Uses Eligible Applicants Estimated Deadlines
Iowa West Foundation Education, human & social needs, community development, & economic development Local governments and non-profits Quarterly
Community Attraction & Tourism (CAT) Tourism and recreation infrastructure projects Local governments and non-profits Ongoing
River Enhancement Community Attraction and Tourism (RECAT) Recreation projects around rivers and lakes within cities Local governments and non-profits July
State Revolving Loan Fund Water & Sewer Projects Local governments Quarterly
Regional Transportation Enhancement  Enhancement of a mode of transportation, trails, downtown streetscapes, etc. Local governments & Non-profits  February
RISE Local Development Construction of improvement of public roadways related to job creation. Local governments Ongoing
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Construction or modification of structures in natural disaster areas. Local county governments January 1, 2019
Federal Recreational Trails Development and maintenance of motorized & non-motorized recreational trails and trail related projects. Cities, counties, & non-profit groups partnering with local governments July
Transportation Alternatives Program Infrastructure projects, education, enhance various transportation modes. Local governments February
CDBG Water/Sewer Water and sewer infrastructure Cities & Counties Quarterly
CDBG Community Facilities & Service Community Facilities such as child care centers. Cities & Counties

April 19, 2019

CDBG DTR Facade Improvements Cities & Counties May 17, 2019
CDBG Housing Housing rehab for LMI homeowners Cities & Counties April 26, 2019
Community Catalyst Redevelopment, rehabilitation or deconstruction of buildings to stimulate economic growth or reinvestment in the community. Cities & Counties December 14, 2018
USDA Water & Environmental Programs Water & Sewer Cities & Counties



SWIPCO is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.


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